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Answers to your questions

  • What is the minimum age to start?
    The Department of Licensing requires students must be 15 by the first day of class. There are no exceptions.
  • What does my student do in class?
    Students cover things like learning the rules of safe driving, how to change a tire, what to do in hazardous road conditions, how to handle road rage, driving on the freeway and at night (if you schedule a lesson after dark), and everything they’ll need to know for the written and driving tests for the Department of Licensing
  • Can you gurantee a license after the end of my lessons?
    No, we cannot guarantee that you’ll do well on your DOL exam. We will teach you the skills that you need to be ticket and collision-free, but we cannot say if you will always follow what you’ve been taught.
  • Can I use my own car?
    No. Because of state requirements and liabilities we require all driving lessons to be conducted in our vehicles.
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